Skatteverket, The Swedish Tax Agency, is the administrative authority for taxation, Property taxation, registration and recording of inventories. They also issue ID cards for those registered in Sweden.

The Swedish Tax Agency handles about 6 million inbound calls per year regarding a variety of customer enquiries such as tax, property tax, registration and recording of inventories.   The challenge was to optimise staffing levels and to handle the volume of calls in the most effective way identifying the different file types that citizens need assistance with.

The project is currently in the first phase but Skatteverket can already see the effects of being able to break out very specific cases through address enquiry, routing calls to the correct administrators who is skilled and has access to the correct address register. Likewise, people already using the service who need simple changes to cases, such as amending their address are forwarded to the existing self-service menu where they can obtain the correct order form. This first phase has meant that already 94% of all calls are sent to the appropriate answering position.

Gyrenet delivers Voice Provider platforms within the UK.  Voice Provider are specialist suppliers of ‘Nuance’, cloud hosted, speech recognition software platforms, enabling excellence in customer service.

Swedish Tax Authority

Elgiganten are the leading supplier of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Nordic region, with 260 stores across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.  The stores are a brand name of Elkjop, owned by Dixons Retail Plc.  Elgiganten has a turnover of over £20 billion

Voice Provider offers smart solutions that increase the efficiency of business-critical customer channels to companies and public services  in the Nordic region.


’Customer satisfaction’ and ’excellence in service’ are the guiding principles for Elgiganten in a highly competitive market. With 260 stores across the Nordic region, personal service in-store is paramount to their success.  However Elgiganten also handle over three million customer transactions per year via telephone and an additional key challenge is therefore to ensure similar customer experience excellence to these telephone customers, across the region.


Elgiganten identified calls to their after-sales support team as an area in need of more efficient customer handling.  Through Voice Provider, Elgiganten introduced primary level self service to expedite the after-sales support process and maximise efficiency. Customers who have purchased an item and then contact customer service with a query are routed through a brief series of voice-controlled actions, ensuring that the customer receives the quickest and most efficient service.  In addition, agent handling time is reduced and deployed more efficiently.

Today, Elgiganten operate primary level self service solutions across all Nordic countries, including ’store finder’ (voice-activated address information) to direct customers to their nearest store and ’appliance recognition’ (appliance identification by product code) for quick routing of query to the appropriate support.The proportion of calls classified as ”needing appliance/service support” was 70% of calls to the after-sales support team.  Elgiganten customers receive a smooth and highly efficient post sales customer experience, with all queries routed speedily to the right supplier.

Gyrenet is a service and application provider of speech and word recognition. We use Voice Provider technology for voice recognition solutions. Our Expertise is within: Speech design / Linguistics / Voice  Branding / Dialog Design Integration & Operation. We are  focused on customer service, user advantages and user behaviour.Elgiganten case study

A really exciting time

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Voice recognition is taking the mundane request that employees have to enable them to really focus on meeting customer expectations while more and more business are also looking for more robust methods of security. Voice recognition certainly has a place in many communication strategies.


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Requirements for reduced cost, availability and high service levels enables cutting edge organizations to supplement its manual customer service with smart technology solutions for self service. Companies that offer a combination of personal service and self-service have the most satisfied customers! Moreover, if it goes faster, is open around the clock and gives me as a customer other advantages, then everybody is a winner! Voice Provider offers self-service solutions across multiple channels, such as automatic e-mail service, web assistant, telephony solutions, voice and push button.

PCIGyrenet enables customers to take payment card transactions that are continually safeguarded with payment card data protected. Card details that are taken adhere to the conditions for taking payment details laid out in the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS),

It is difficult for business’s to ensure that at all points in a transaction card details are protected and secured. Gyrenet works with our telecom operators and application vendors to insure that our customers can prove they are compliant to PCI DSS.

Gyrenet provides a phone and web service that protects callers and web customers from having to speak or display their number to any one else. The process screens employees from the number recording process. All the employee sees is whether the payment was a success or not

Gyrenet use Cloud based software that enables a caller to buy a product and input their payment card number without anyone else being involved. Because the process is in the cloud network the business and the employee are not exposed to the risks of taking card detail, while the employee customer dialogue is unhindered.

Utility business continuity

Gyrenet is a service and application provider of speech and word recognition. Our Expertise is within: Speech design / Linguistics / Voice  Branding / Dialog Design Integration & Operation. We are  focussed on customer service, user advantages and user behaviours.  The Return On Investment (ROI) is rapid and business changing.

Gyrenet’s Knowledge and speech software services can be extremely cost effective for the network backbone: Water, Electricity, Roads, Rail, Air, communication and emergency services.

It is easy to up load information for utility companies and their partners regarding planned or unplanned outages.

Operational disturbance can be managed  through automated information for electricity distributors. Gyrenet enables bandwidth for large load and unusual circumstances.

SRA ” emergency services ” Intelligent Voice messaging can be utilisied for playing back traffic disruption information with TTS up-load in case of a major accident or disturbance.

London working

Many choicesIntranets and Email

Many educationalist are re-emphasising the need to ask why rather than how? The same question is obviously essential in managing people and processes. Often the experience is that a process is up dated but not really challenged. The why can so easily be forgotten.

By engaging with Gyrenet, why becomes second nature. The services and software we provide will automate and in human terms irradiate the dull daily processes that are often focussed on. Intranets can become real knowledge bases where employees can either Use FAQ’s, frequently asked questions or the phone to have their questions answered first time. Employees simply use the web or phone to make their own updates too. So tasks like:

  • what was I paid?
  • these are the hours I worked.
  • when were my expenses paid?
  • I am at this office.
  • what train should I catch?
  • which store should I go to today?
  • I am back from ill health.
  • Can I talk to Jane or Bill?

are all automated, leaving HR advisors to focus on the engaging with employees. They have time to be friendly and helpful.


Many organisations, possibly all organisations receive hundreds, often thousands of internal emails each month. Many of the requests are similar and routine. The sorting of email and digital copies of paper are checked by staff and sent to the correct skill in the organisation. This can all be automated now. Gyrenet, with our intelligent software will read and answer the easy emails. The more complicated emails, via skill based routing are sent to the correct person in the organisation to be dealt with personally.

For HR and operations departments wanting to really add value, then the option is to be one step ahead of the game and become a social business. This will transform all parts of the business and needs to be supported by forward thinking HR executives.

Fundamental change can be made throughout any business. A catering company for example can see food in a different way. A plate of food is no longer a dish that is queued for and barely warm after payment at lunch time. It becomes a designed choice  selected beforehand by a discerning person, delivered to them at the right time and place. The canteen is a place to meet with people who have all pre-orderd, pre-paid and know what they are eating. Importantly there is instant feed back too, liked or disliked, lunch becomes an experience to enjoy. In turn, catering know what supplies are needed and can ordered just in time. Fewer staff in the canteen become more productive.

The agile methodology taken by Gyrenet to look for business value at each step leads to rapid return of investment. This is not a PR exercise or face time experience, this is building a social business, built around the needs of the: customer, supplier and operation. Let’s get social!


Gyrenet is a service and application provider of speech and word recognition. Our Expertise is within: Speech design / Linguistics / Voice  Branding / Dialog Design Integration & Operation. We are  focussed on customer service, user advantages and user behaviours.  The Return On Investment (ROI) is rapid and business changing.